Structures and Governance

A CFS needs to be structured in such a way as best to achieve its purpose. It may adopt and adapt tried and tested systems employed by other co-operative organisations. But inasmuch as the idea of a CFS is a brand new one, a combination of expertise and innovative thinking will be needed in the trailblazer phase.

The first CFS to establish itself will be both an exemplar and a work in progress. The first phase of the CFS movement will necessarily be an evolutionary phase, with constant learning from experience.

In order to facilitate this, the Plunkett Foundation, an expert in the field of community co-operatives, has pledged itself to act as consultant to any CFS startup which it considers both viable and also in sympathy with the aims of co-operation. We are, of course, indebted to the Plunkett Foundation for this measure of qualified support.

The core group of people who have developed the idea of a CFS as described on this website are willing to consult any community group interested in realising the vision.

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